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Pheasant chicks are hatched every Tuesday in the custom built hatchery at Garth Pheasantry. This building is 2 seasons old and houses Bristol incubators holding 44,000 pheasant eggs each.
Hygiene is essential and a system of fans and heaters are computer regulated to keep the room temperatures constant to avoid chilling of eggs and chicks.
After every hatch, the rooms and equipment are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly with anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents ready for the next batch of eggs to ensure there is no contamination and to minimise the risk of any disease.
Once out in the field, the day old chicks are housed in specially designed huts for the first few weeks of their lives before they are ready to venture out into the grass pens.
Excellent husbandry is essential to everyday life at Garth Pheasantry. Chicks are fed and drinkers are cleaned twice daily. Moisture is kept to a minimum and disinfectant is applied regularly each week to problem areas such as around the drinking and feeding areas. Along with this, drinkers and feeders are regularly moved around to avoid the build up of food and droppings.
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